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Lisa is always prepared to deliver a well organized class and draws a diverse group of students who are hungry to learn from her teaching.

She is also a consummate student even after all these years of teaching and inspires all of us to live fully.

~Brigette N.

life is really good

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Read the in-depth testimonials for Lisa LongĀ from an abundance of dedicated students, workshop participants, private clients, and yoga therapy teacher trainees, as well as fitness instructors who attended national group exercise teacher training workshops.

I really have been amazed at how effective this work has been for me.


I feel a level of structural balance that I think (feel) I haven't experienced in a long time.


The sessions were specialized to meet my individual needs. Lisa was able to target the muscle groups that were causing so much pain. She showed me various ways to move that would allow me to regain full range of motion without the pain.

~Donna P.

Lisa has been my instructor for years and what she is offering is wonderful.

~Victoria B.

Thank you for giving me my life back. I am feeling better than I have in years.

~Julie C.

Fully Present

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A true story in Meredith’s words.

I had (note: had) chronic foot pain for 8+ years. I lived with it. I guess I thought it was normal to hurt. For many of us, pain seems to be normal.

I did mention my foot pain to my doctor years ago and had a foot x-ray. It showed some arthritis which gave me more reason to just “live with the pain.”

I am a dance enthusiast. Yes, I dance at least 3 nights a week and go away for full day, weekend, and week long dance sessions.

I limped out of dances. And I noticed I was the only one really limping. The pain didn’t stop me from dancing. I couldn’t stop dancing.

So, I mentioned my foot pain, again, to my doctor. And, again, he recommended a foot x-ray. But this time my Mayo physician said, “I’ve got a new option for you before you can even think about a referral to a surgeon.”

I thought, “Was surgery an option?” I guess it could have been.

My physician said, “I would really like you to try Lisa Long’s Happy Feet workshop.”

I did think, “Okay, why not? As crazy as it seems to have my physician recommending this.”

Well, I wasn’t pain free overnight. And, I did end up with 3 private sessions with Lisa. I have been mostly faithful to the exercises which I don’t entirely like or enjoy.

But no pain for me. I won’t limp around anymore. Okay, I do get foot pain, but I know what to do to work through it and relieve it. And, I can actually wear high heels again (if I am so crazy).

I really have been amazed at how effective this work has been for me.


Trust in the process as you recognize yourself.

Lisa draws on a vast knowledge of yoga, Pilates, and how the body works to customize our individual sessions to best address my needs.

~Pam P.

I want to thank you for helping me realize in this morning's class that what truly brings me the most joy is bringing joy to others. That realization was a highly emotional experience for me. I now recognize how blessed I am in my own life.


She is an exemplary teacher with a particular talent for identifying and addressing each individual's strengths and weaknesses. As a dedicated life-long learner, with an ever expanding wealth of knowledge, Lisa is cautious and conscientious while motivating and challenging.


I think you have opened up a whole other door for me. It meant so much to me to find out what was happening to my knee and how to help it. I have just been amazed.


You've got an easy, engaging style and I appreciate all your efforts to make us more healthy and happy people.


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