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Are you ready to feel better? If you have a few minutes, you can start right now. All it takes is your desire to change. And, you are going to have to do something.

As a quick background, for a number of years I taught series classes in my community’s clubhouse. The classes became quite popular. We offered a variety of classes from Pilates with the Foam Roller to Advanced Yoga Asana to Yoga for Injuries and Special Conditions. As well, we also offered Yoga for relaxation and to help release stress and tension.

A lot of students who came discovered relief from back pain, neck and shoulder pain. Furthermore, they learned how to work through their feet better and easily relieve common foot issues.

We also had students with knee and hip joint pain. They discovered simple movement practices to keep their joints pain-free and moving through fuller range of motion. Some students were post surgery or even pre-surgery (because truth be told, sometimes, a medical intervention is needed to begin the healing process).

Meanwhile, there was also a group of students that worked on more advanced yoga poses like handstands and backbends.

Hip and Back Pain Relief – Free Practice

Now that you have a little bit of history, this fundamental supine (which means “on your back) yoga sequence is excellent for all levels of students. I encourage you to practice along with the video. Whether you are at home or traveling for work, this sequence often provides relief for your hip joint. And for many, their backs also feel better.

All you need is some sort of strap. You can use a bathrobe belt, a rope, or even your pants. When using your pants as a make-shift yoga strap, just put your foot in the crotch and hold the legs of your pants with your hands.

Dedicated students agreed to be filmed so that you may practice and feel better.

Chair Yoga – Free Practices

In addition, you may also practice with the following videos. The chair yoga sequences are perfect for building leg strength as well as increasing your balance and improving your posture.

You may practice anywhere – at home, at work, in a park. All you need is a stable object to hold onto like a chair or countertop or a pole on a playground.

A chair yoga practice may help you feel invigorated and help your hips and low back discover relief. Be sure to breathe. Work at your own pace.

Practice along with this fundamental chair yoga standing sequence.

Our standing yoga sequence was filmed in two parts. Here’s the second half of the practice. Enjoy!

Be sure to keep breathing as you practice along with the class.

I hope you continue to take excellent care of you. I would love to see you in one of my offerings, soon. In the meantime, keep moving, keep breathing, and most of all — have fun!

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