Long Life Movement



Movement helps. With clear instruction and precise cues, discover your potential.

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Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, and Franklin Method

Jacksonville, FL classes and private sessions plus retreats, trainings, and workshops nationally and internationally.

Grace + Gravity

Understand your nervous system better. Learn the body's boundaries: guarding, physiological, and anatomical. Explore therapeutic sequences including nerve glides and tension tamers. Gain effective strategies to reduce grip and strain as well reduce pain and anxiety.

A Weekend with Jenny Otto

November 2 + 3, 2019

Jacksonville, FL

Get Ideas

Feel better fast. Gather a few tips and try them.

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Healing Elixir

8 min read

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Change Your Mind

2 min read

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Parts Becoming Whole

3 min read

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Lisa Long, M.A.

Teaching since 1990, I offer a unique appreciation for an individual's life stage. With a willingness to meet people where they are in the present moment, my speciality remains the therapeutic benefits of movement. I love to help people get to know their bodies better, relieving pain and increasing function and quality of life.


There is a lot happening end of 2019 and into the New Year! Join me in a movement class, benefit class or therapy training in Jacksonville, FL. Take time for you.

We become what we repeatedly do. Choose well.