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“So I say to you my friends, that even though we must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream…”

In 1983, as a freshman at Syracuse University, I analyzed Martin Luther King’s famous speech. It’s worth a re-read. I remain inspired by techniques used in the “I Have a Dream” speech by co-writer Clarence B. Jones.

Today, what really amazes me? That the struggle persists for people of color, black, brown, and Asian. Naively, I thought by the time I was “older,” this would all be different than it is.

Therefore, it’s time for me to begin in a more concerted way. Will you begin with me?

Begin with Me – Study Group

Join me and (2) of my friends as we co-host a 5-week online study group using This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell.

Wednesdays 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. EST
May 19 – June 16
via Zoom + Free

Frequently Asked Questions

How will this Study Group be structured?

We will be using This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell as our guide. In preparation for our live study group meeting on Zoom, each week, participants will read a few short chapters and complete the exercises in the book.

We’ll convene on Zoom with an agenda for each of our (5) sessions which will include breakouts into small group discussions.

With respect to all participants, we commit to beginning and ending each session on time.

What will I gain from participating in this Study Group?

Foremost, you’ll learn more about yourself. As well, you’ll learn more about how others think and feel. You may also discover a new path.

I am a bit nervous, yet interested. Will there be group guidelines?

Absolutely! We’ve developed guidelines for our Study Group with the hope that all feel welcomed, respected, and heard.

info graphic of study group guidelines

I checked out the book. It looks like a good book for families. Can my children attend the online study group?

While the design and writing level of the book appears like it’s developed for teenagers and young adults, we think it’s a great book for adults of all ages, too!

Our online Study Group is for adults – age 18+. If you have children in your family, we do hope that you will also work through the book with them, independently.

Who are your (2) friends who are co-hosts?

My two friends are Alicia Paley and Dawn Clapp. Both women excel at leading others while engaging in thoughtful discussion.

alicia paley
Alicia Paley has been weaving a tapestry of education, religious education, and art for more than twenty-five years. In the midst of homeschooling over sixteen years, she’s managed to serve on local civic committees, volunteer at civic organizations including 4H, Girl Scouts and local parishes, and squeeze in some art. The theme of Alicia’s life work has been teaching students how to think instead of what to think and how to find reliable information and relevant facts that shape their decisions.

dawn clapp
Dawn Clapp is a mother and grandmother, yoga teacher, birth doula and an activist. In all her roles, she seeks to empower others to step into their greatest version of themselves by providing tools and support. Her intention is to expose and dismantle racism. Dawn believes what makes us different can connect us and make US stronger.

I am excited! What do I need to do now?

First, be sure to register for our (5) online Zoom meetings on Wednesdays from May 19 – June 16. We’ll send you a reminder to join us online right before our first meeting.

Second, either pick up the book — This Book is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell — at your local bookseller or purchase it online. You can definitely start perusing the book as soon as you receive it. Yet, we won’t have any official reading assignments from the book until after we meet the first time.

We’ll go over everything else in our first online gathering.

about the author

Lisa Long, M.A.

Lisa Long wants to live in a world where Love gives you a "permission slip" to drop the mask and be who you are. Known for her hearty and full-body laugh, Lisa meets people where they are in the present moment. She passionately believes in the healing potential of movement. As a teacher and producer/writer, her work has been featured on Good For You blog, CBS television station affiliates, and telelvision cable channel networks as well her print manual called "Home Practice: A Guide for Healing from Breast Cancer" was published by a 5 hospital health care network. When she's not helping others reach their fullest potential, you'll find Lisa hiking a trail to a waterfall or riding her bike at the beach. Her latest collaboration with an online classroom platform launched in 2020.


  • Luanne Baldwin says:

    This is just what I’ve been thinking about. When one of my FB friends posted a statement recently regarding racism, it made me realize we have so far to go, from 1968 when we desegregated in junior high school. I knew these classmates thru high school and beyond. I could never get it out of my head that when we had families, these mom’s had much more to deal with than just the normal struggles of raising sons. They also had to deal wirh teaching them to navigate racism. They had to do the same for their daughters too but I only had one son, that was enough for me to deal with, was their struggles with their sons. Daughters too, is too much for me to even think about. my FB friend’s post affected me so profoundly that I sent her a message to meet to talk once we are able to move about freely again post covid. She said yes. I hope she sees this I’m in.

    • Luanne! I am so glad your are “in!” I even had your name on a list I hand wrote the other night. : ) Please feel welcome to invite others to join us. We will find our way, together. With gratitude for your willingness!

  • Victoria Bennett says:

    Lisa, I wanted to let you know that Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Daytona Beach has been offering book discussion and podcast groups on anti racism, white privilege, etc. (on Zoom) for almost a year. Parishioners are leading the groups and louis and I have participated in several. These groups have been life changing for me, and I’m so grateful that you’ve started one. I highly recommend Caste by Isabel Wilkerson. Thanks for raising awareness. It does my heart good to know that many of us are making an effort to wake up and change.

    • Thank you for letting me know about these wonderful and continuous offerings in your area of Florida! As well, I will look at Caste. Yes… the change continues because each one of us who are willing to enter the conversation and exploration. I have hope – because I know – it does begin with me (and you and all of us)– and is a ripple effect.

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