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Volunteer Life Saving Corps

I never understood it. Why they work for free on Sundays and holidays. Those are the busiest times at the beach. I always thought that certainly the city had enough money to pay lifeguards during prime time.

I totally get it now.

There are two lifeguard groups that serve Jacksonville Beach. Now, I also get that most lifeguards that serve are “in” both groups.

There’s Jacksonville Beach Ocean Rescue which are the paid lifeguards who serve the beaches year round.

And then there’s the Volunteer Life Saving Corps or VLSC that is a non-profit organization that has served our community since 1912. Those are the folks who volunteer on Sundays and holidays.

jacksonville beach lifeguard watches children in tide pools and ocean
Surfman Long sits at Mack Shack Summer 2018.

After my son survived VLSC’s grueling 10-week winter training and was initiated into the Corps, my appreciation for the volunteer organization magnified.

As I have heard other parents express, and I now concur, it’s an organization that has helped my son mature and deeply care about his community and the environment.

A VLSC Fundraiser

In appreciation and support of the Volunteer Life Saving Corps, I held a fundraiser and an awareness raiser. The offering was a local yoga mini retreat called the space between.

A time to re-gather ourselves through physical practice and quiet contemplation.

Over 40 women attended the 4-hour retreat at Center for Spirituality. Nestled on a beautiful wooden lot, we enjoyed

  • yoga asana practice
  • quiet contemplation
  • walking the labyrinth
  • a vegetarian meal
  • each other’s company
  • and a yoga nidra practice.

Since the retreat was local and a short duration, women were able to easily attend and reaped the benefits of a “get-away” without the added stress of leaving town.

a woman walking a labyrinth

In conclusion, retreat participants left feeling relaxed and restored. Also, we gave thanks for being able to take time for ourselves in the space between everything else in our lives while also raising over $1,000.00 for the non-profit volunteer lifeguard organization that serves our beaches.

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Lisa Long wants to live in a world where Love gives you a "permission slip" to drop the mask and be who you are. Known for her hearty and full-body laugh, Lisa meets people where they are in the present moment. She passionately believes in the healing potential of movement. As a teacher and producer/writer, her work has been featured on Good For You blog, CBS television station affiliates, and telelvision cable channel networks as well her print manual called "Home Practice: A Guide for Healing from Breast Cancer" was published by a 5 hospital health care network. When she's not helping others reach their fullest potential, you'll find Lisa hiking a trail to a waterfall or riding her bike at the beach. Her latest collaboration with an online classroom platform launched in 2020.

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