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Foot Pain? Feel better ideas.

Do you have foot pain? Or are you trying to not have foot pain? Feel better with a few ideas.

Disclaimer right off the top. Always talk with your medical and wellness team if you are in pain as well as if certain ideas are appropriate for you.

If you’ve never experienced foot pain, you’re pretty fortunate. Most of us have felt foot pain from stubbing a toe, someone stepping on our foot, or we walked too many miles in bad shoes. Foot pain can literally take us out of commission.

Here’s a few ideas you may try at home to help reduce the ache and inflammation in your feet.

Soak Your Feet

I am a big proponent of epsom salt baths. The magnesium in epsom salts seems to really do the trick with helping relieve foot aches and pains. If a soak in a tub does not work for you, soak your feet in a rectangular pan. 20-minutes.

Rub Your Foot Pain Away

While a full body massage is always nice, you may also go get a pedicure that includes an extended foot and lower leg massage. As well, explore if there’s a foot reflexology practitioner in your area. And, of course, you can massage your own feet. Check out this quick video I created on how to massage your own feet.

Dry Brushing to Reduce Pain

Dry brushing has helped me immensely over the years to reduce pain and inflammation throughout my body. Do not press hard when brushing yourself. Watch this video I created to learn more.

Elevate Your Legs to Reduce Foot Pain

While the recliner chair is nice, even better is legs up the wall. Yoga practitioners refer to this amazing therapeutic position as Vipariti Karani. It’s as simple as putting your legs up a wall or up the headboard of your bed. Relax and rest for 10-20 minutes. With legs well above your heart, it really helps flush the tissue. As well, with a 90 degree bend at the hip joint (or whatever is comfortable for you) you are also receiving a stretch along the back line of your body. The soles of our feet are part of the back line of our body.

Oil Your Feet

There are all types of body oils on the market. Choose the purest variety. Note: you can even use olive oil or coconut oil from your kitchen. Just be careful walking after oiling your feet. I usually oil my feet in bed and then wear socks or my slippers until my feet absorb the oil. I also will use products that contain a topical form of magnesium. There are topical magnesium sprays as well as massage bars that contain magnesium. Furthermore, I have found that products with clean, pure, and natural ingredients including peppermint oil also help my feet feel better.

Explore Toe Spacers and Arch Support

Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of products to open and support my feet when I am in recovery. Here’s a picture of my current combination of toe spacers and arch support. See what works for you. I wear them for recovery from 20-minutes to an hour while working at my desk, resting in a chair, or when my legs are up the wall.

Gain Relief from Foot Pain

I hope some of these ideas help you get relief from foot pain or prevent you ever having foot pain. Continue to take excellent care of you through your wellness practices.

about the author

Lisa Long, M.A.

Lisa Long wants to live in a world where Love gives you a "permission slip" to drop the mask and be who you are. Known for her hearty and full-body laugh, Lisa meets people where they are in the present moment. She passionately believes in the healing potential of movement. As a teacher and producer/writer, her work has been featured on Good For You blog, CBS television station affiliates, and telelvision cable channel networks as well her print manual called "Home Practice: A Guide for Healing from Breast Cancer" was published by a 5 hospital health care network. When she's not helping others reach their fullest potential, you'll find Lisa hiking a trail to a waterfall or riding her bike at the beach. Her latest collaboration with an online classroom platform launched in 2020.

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