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Bring the gift of movement and deeper understanding into your own environment. Learn and practice on your schedule with online classes and education.

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Online Yoga + Meditation + Pilates + Continuing Education

ONLINE Weekly Classes

Join me live online via Zoom for our weekly yoga class. Enjoy practicing from your home with our community of the heart. Also, have your props ready. Yoga Props needed for online class include: stable chair, yoga mat, strap/belt/tie, blanket, pillow.

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Yoga as Therapy


9 a.m. EST


$15 per or 4 classes for $40

To join class, you need to do (2) things. Be sure to register for class. After registering, via email, you will receive the link to attend class. You must register every time for each class. Also, be sure to purchase either a single class for $15 or purchase a 4-pack of classes for $40.  If you have any issues with registration or payment, please contact me.

Samudra Shakti Online

From 2019-2023, I launched and hosted a phenomenal FREE continuing education program for the global Anusara School of Hatha Yoga community.

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Samudra Shakti Online

Yoga Resource Library


Dive into Anusara yoga’s teachings. Enjoy free, recorded online continuing education.


YogaVibes is an online movement class platform. You may choose from over 5,000 classes and practice from the comfort of your own home. In February 2020, I went to North Carolina and filmed classes with YogaVibes. My classes are now appearing on the online platform.

You may save on an annual subscription using my discount code when you join. The code is  lisalong.  All lower case. Just my first and last name. Simple! YogaVibes is an awesome and affordable option with a lot of diversity.

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Practice ONLINE

anywhere, anytime

Enjoy a wide variety of yoga, meditation, and movement classes with a YogaVibes subscription. At checkout, be sure to use my code – lisalong – to save on your annual subscription.

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